7 ways to promote your affiliate link and earn commission on LinkHub affiliate program

An affiliate program lets you earn a percentage of the sales you generate for a company. At LinkHub we offer a 20% recurring commission for new users who sign up using your unique invite link and then upgrade to a paid plan. This commission is generated on the initial purchase, further plan upgrades, and then on every monthly or annual recurring payment going forward.

Linkhub social media

Not only does sharing your invite link benefit you, but the end user who signs up with your invite link also receives a 20% discount if they choose to upgrade within 48 hours of creating their account. This gives your invited users an important reason to use your invite link and also encourages them to upgrade, which can boost your overall commission earned.

Besides these benefits LinkHub is a great tool for creators across all platforms from musicians and streamers, to businesses and podcasters.

For the full details and information on the program you can visit the Affiliate Program page.

Start from adding your invite link to your LinkHub page and mention the 10% discount your visitors get upon signing up. Linkhub link

2. Post on social media

No matter what social media you’re on, if you have followers you think would love using LinkHub, tell them about it. You can share a picture of your page and tell people where and how you made it. You can share a video of you using the platform or explaining the features and why you like them. You can shout us out live on stream and mention where people can sign up for their own page. If you’re part of a community of musicians, streamers, gamers, or creators of any kind you can share your invite link with them. When you share, don’t forget to include your invite link somewhere easily accessible (see #1). Remember to tag us if you post on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or TikTok so we can repost you! Linkhub social media

3. Create a video review or walkthrough

When someone is interested in a new online service they will almost always look for reviews or walkthroughs. The people who watch an informative review or tour of the platform will most likely sign up directly after watching. Make sure to include your invite link somewhere easy to find in the description and mention the 10% discount they receive if they use it.

If your website’s audience would love LinkHub you can include your invite link on any or all of your pages with a description of how they can make use of a powerful bio link.

5. Write a blog post

People love finding new tools and services from those “Top 10 best…” blog posts. If writing is your forte, create a blog post that gives your readers information on the details of LinkHub or how it compares to competitors is a great way to get more referral sign ups.

6. Send an email blast to your audience

If you have a large or highly engaged email list of people you think would love LinkHub you can send them an email showcasing the benefits of a single powerful bio link that includes your invite link for them to sign up. Linkhub link

7. Record a podcast

Mention the benefits of using a single and easy-to-share bio link to your listeners during your podcast, or record an entire episode explaining the platform and how it works. Since they are listening you can direct them to your own LinkHub page where they can find your invite link (see #1).

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